Use of EvoTears® OMEGA

The innovative substance results in the EvoTears® eye drops behaving differently to conventional eye drops

Therefore, the following use is recommended

Open EvoTears<sup>®</sup> bottle

Fig. 1
1Open the bottle

Remove cap from eye drop bottle. Upon first use, remove tamper-evident ring and dispose of it.

Squeeze EvoTears<sup>®</sup> bottle

Fig. 2
2Lightly squeeze the bottle

Hold eye drop bottle upright and squeeze it lightly.

Release the pressure from the EvoTears<sup>®</sup> bottle

Fig. 3
3Let air draw into the bottle

Prior to placing the eye drop bottle above the eye, keep it squeezed, turn it upside down and immediately release the pressure thereby drawing air into the bottle.

Hold EvoTears<sup>®</sup> bottle above the eye

Fig. 4
4Place the bottle above the eye

Keep holding the bottle upside down and place it above the eye. Lightly squeeze the bottle to release only one drop into each eye.

Note: If you hardly notice the drop, it is recommended that you apply the product in front of a mirror. Altenatively, at the beginning of the treatment have a second person observe the application until you get to know the feeling of the drop distribution on the eye.

Schematic of EvoTears bottle

The use of EvoTears® OMEGA

How to apply the EvoTears® OMEGA

Due to the low surface tension, the contents might escape from the bottle without exerting pressure. Therefore, the method of application shown in the film is recommended.