Quality requirements on dry eye therapy

The quality of the constituents as well as ocular tolerability are essential factors

The following demands, amongst others, should be made on dry eye treatment:

Icon prevervative-free
No preservatives

Preservatives, which prevent the contamination of eye drops during storage and use, can have a negative effect on the tear film. In addition, they can damage the cells of the ocular surface and are the cause of many intolerance reactions.
The EvoTears® OMEGA eye drops do not contain any preservatives!

Icon phosphate-free
No phosphate

In addition to preservatives, however, phosphates, which are often added to eye drops, can also have a negative effect on an already damaged cornea. Phosphates are added to eye drops in order to stabilise the pH.
The problem is that damaged ocular surface cells release calcium, which can combine with the phosphate of eye drops to poorly soluble corneal calcifications. The latter permanently impair vision.
Therefore, eye drops for the treatment of dry, irritated eyes should not contain phosphate.
The EvoTears® OMEGA eye drops are phosphate-free!

Icon emulsifier-free
No emulsifiers

Emulsifiers are added to oil-in-water preparations to allow the mixture and stabilisation of the two, by nature immiscible, phases. Conventional eye drops intended to restore the lipid layer of the tear film usually contain, in addition to water, lipids such as triglycerides, phospholipids or castor oil and thus represent oil-in-water preparations. In order to homogenise or rather stabilise the latter emulsifiers are often added.
The EvoTears® OMEGA eye drops do not require any emulsifiers thanks to being water-free!

EvoTears® OMEGA eye drops are also characterised by

Pictogram innovation

The EvoTears® OMEGA eye drops are the first products in the treatment of dry eyes that contain perfluorohexyloctane. Perfluorohexyloctane has already been used for many years in eye surgery, e.g. as a vitreous replacement. With EvoTears® OMEGA it is now available for the first time as eye drops.

Pictogram no need for preservatives
No need for excipients

EvoTears® OMEGA eye drops contain perfluorohexyloctane as pure or main substance respectively and are therefore anhydrous. Therefore, the products do not require any additives such as preservatives, emulsifiers or phosphates.

Pictogram water-free
Being water-free

Thanks to the absence of water, there is no need for preservatives, as microorganisms depend on water for their survival. In addition, due to the absence of water, the EvoTears® OMEGA eye drops have neither a pH nor osmolarity. If water-containing eye drops have a pH and/or osmolarity ouside the physiological range, intolerance reactions are possible, such as burning or hypertonic stress that can cause inflammation.

Pictogram low surface tension
Low surface tension

Thanks to perfluorohexyloctane, the surface tension of EvoTears® OMEGA eye drops is much lower than that of water. This is why the eye drops spread quickly over the tear forming a unique protective layer. In addition, a very small drop is dispensed (approx. 10 µl compared to a water-containing drop of 40 – 50 µl), the volume of which corresponds to the capacity of the conjunctival sac. This ensures a pleasant application as little or no product will run out of the eye.

Pictogram high yield
High yield

The small drop volume ensures a high yield. The 3 ml content allows the delivery of up to 280 drops, thus about 4 times as many drops as from a comparable volume of water-containing tear substitutes.

Pictogram lipophilicity

The lipophilic (fat-loving) properties of perfluorohexyloctane allow the EvoTears® OMEGA eye drops to take over the function of the lipid layer. The resulting effective protection against evaporation leads to patient satisfaction. In addition, the aqueous phase of the tear film is stabilised and watery eyes are prevented.
Thanks to the lipophilic property a velvet-like feeling occurs when the drop spreads over the ocular surface.

Pictogram treatment days
Long treatment duration

Thanks to perfluorohexyloctane, the EvoTears® OMEGA eye drops remain on the ocural surface for a long time and therefore protect the tear film from evaporation. As a rule, a low application frequency of 2 to 4 times a day is sufficient. Thus, a bottle containing 3 ml offers a treatment duration of 35 days with a 4-times daily application*. If an application* is only required twice a day, the bottle is sufficient for 70 treatment days!

* Application corresponds to one drop per eye

Pictogram no effect on vision
No visual impairment

The innovative substance perfluorohexyloctane is lipophilic (fat-loving), but has the same refractive index as tears. Therefore, the EvoTears® OMEGA eye drops do not affect vision.